At Digital Dave's we like to accommodate everybody. We believe that we offer a killer product that is second to none, we also wish that we had it when we were kids, so we try and help everyone out as much as humanly possible. That's why we offer several different solutions for your event. On top of our service solutions we can also personalize each photo with a tournament logo, provide a digital presentation on CD, even post your event on the web, just about anything you need we can do.

Small Event Solutions

This is our "on the web" solution. It is more tailored to the small group (a single team) who wants us to show them the action. For a low, one time fee our photographer will come and shoot action shots of your game or other event capturing all of the memories. The photographer then goes back to Digital Dave's and within a day or so puts your images on the web @ team. You are then given ample time to review and choose your action shots, after reviewing you just email us your order. You can even show friends and relatives, how cool is that?